Liposome-Encapsulated Vitamin C, Intravenous Therapy or The Levy Multi-C Protocol?

As promised, we are chatting with Dr. Tom Levy about the effectiveness of liposomal (liposome-encapsulated) vitamin C, and how it compares to intravenous delivery and other forms of supplements for this nutrient. Last month we discussed that additional health benefits can be achieved with high-dose vita C.

However, the goal is not simply high blood levels, which is readily achieved with intravenous therapy. Instead, the goal is to deliver sufficient amounts of vitamin C into the cells and their interior components. As Dr. Levy pointed out, liposome-encapsulated Vita C, even though taken orally, is more efficient at getting into the cells where it can do its work. As a result, oral liposome-encapsulated vita C appears to have comparable clinical effects too much larger doses of vitamin C given directly intravenously … Continue Reading


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