Choppy bob Khloe K

Choppy bob Khloe K

How To Cut A LOB or Bob Like Khloe Kardashian.

There are two distinct ways of looking at a haircut either in the salon or at home: fun and exciting…or completely terrifying.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of a “shock-proof haircut.” While notably shorter, these looks aren’t jarring, because you can still create the some of the same styles as with your longer hair — and more importantly, the same sexy, glamorous, edgy, whatever feeling

A “shock-proof haircut,” mind you, is not just the cut you currently have, only shorter. Instead, it’s a cleverly selected cut that makes sense based on your current style and one that gives you the ability to re-create your everyday look.

Same thing, just shorter is not always the going to be the best thing, However, there is one universal base haircut recommend for everyone: If you were thinking a bob, then you’re absolutely right — the bob and its sisters, the short bob and the lob (long bob). This opens the doorways to a bunch of different haircuts. For too many years it’s been about long hair or short hair. While going from short to long hair is really more a time commitment or puts a sizable dent in one’s pocketbook for hair extensions, long to short hair is such a scary big jump for people. The bob or LOB offer a not so scary solution to this dilemma.

For those ready to plunge into your new LOB and courageous do it yourself-ers. Here is a video on cutting a LOB at home.

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