Fortnite frenzy has actually struck once more, in the nick of time for Halloween! The popular computer video game just recently launched their season 6 skins, which are a great deal of fun and remind me of Halloween costumes. If you have ever fantasized about cosplaying as one of your favorite Fortnite skins, then I have a terrific DIY Fortnite costume tutorial for you! Prepare to transform to a fabulous legendary gunslinger with this Fortnite Calamity costume tutorial video


Fortnite’s Calamity skin is a combination of cowgirl and bandit! In the video, I’ll show how I used these items to DIY a Fortnite Calamity Costume. So get all ready and set to find all the Fortnite players fans and followers at the Halloween party!


diy fortnite costume

Dark pink or red wig
Black cowgirl hat option 1 or option 2 
Black chaps 
Black leggings
Black faux leather vest 
Long sleeve T-shirt to cut leaving sleeves attached
Western belt buckle 
Adult Cowgirl boots (buy a size larger than you usually wear for these boots.)
Deluxe Cowboy Spurs 
Plastic Molded Bullet Belt 
Brown fringed gloves 
Fabric glue
Purple, Silver or Teal Ribbon
2 brown cut oval shaped leather or fabric pieces
2 black slightly smaller cut oval shaped leather or fabric pieces
Silver screw back spike studs (I used 20 per shoulder armor)
brown fabric
A small piece of cardboard
Glue stick


As Soon As your Calamity DIY Fortnite costume has been completed, now it’s time to have some fun.  Remember that you’re a cowgirl that’s not gonna take no lip off no one! If you’re looking to gain some added points and also if you love dancing, hit the dance floor in full costume and show off your fierce Fortnite dance moves!

I hope you enjoyed this Calamity DIY Fortnite costume video tutorial. What are some of your various other favored Fortnite skins? Do you have a favorite costume DIY?

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