Hey, All!

I have an awesome DIY fashion hack for you. This video is showing how to refashion an old sweatshirt to a trendy new lounge top. This is a no sew tutorial so simple and easy you’ll be digging out an old sweatshirt to make one of your own soon as it’s done!

I don’t know about you but I love not only making all kinds of things but clothes are on top of my list, especially when I’m upcycling old clothes most won’t give a second thought to the possibilities for it to be born and worn again!

Here’s a quick list of Items you’ll need:

  • Old sweatshirt or long sleeve top.  Just be sure it is a loose comfy fit.
  • Ribbon, long Laces or some type of material for lacing up the front of the top.
  • Scissors.  Good cutting ones if you have them make this effortless.
  • Chaulk or fabric marking pen/pencil.
  • Card Stock or any kind of a thick paper to make a stencil from.
  • Measuring tape or ruler.
  • Any kind of fun embellishments or additional sassy you want to adorn your refashioned top with.

Share just how fabulous your refashioned top looks or any cleaver fashion hacks and DIY clothes you have created!

Hope you all like it and find the video useful.

Thanks, and enjoy! xo

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