DIY Boho Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers have become a statement and must have wall decoration for many people, whether your style is boho chic or not, it seems to be one of the cross style decor items many of us adore. Though the origins of these dream protecting devices comes from American Indian culture being meant for practical use and protection. The use as decoration is something that is say more of an added bonus.

What Makes a Dream Catcher So Dreamy?

boho dreamcatcher dream catcher dreamcatcher

Maybe it’s the intricate design of the webbing, or perhaps the softness of the feathers, and let us not forget the most important which is the ancient belief that negative dreams are caught within the dreamcatcher’s web, while positive dreams float through – whichever it is or if it’s all the above, us boho girls love us some dream grabbing catchers!

Given as a gift, or created together among friends and family, these whimsical treasures are a great wall decor piece to hang not only in the bedroom but throughout the home or even in an outdoor space.

Since the popularity of these dreamy beauties are only rising, as would be expected, the price tag is quickly following suit.

So since I have a wall in need of some dressing up, that I had been racking my brain as to what to do with it. Then bam, I decided to make my own supersized boho dreamcatcher, and it turned out amazing. All it took was a little extra time and patience. Plus the only thing it was missing was the high dollar price tag, this is something I’m quite proud of, honestly.

In the step-by-step video tutorial, I go over and show you each step I took in creating my own giant boho dreamcatcher.  There is also a list and links of the Items or supplies I used or suggested that you can find below the video.

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Giant Boho Dreamcatcher Supplies list and Links:

Since a lot of the supplies are a personal choice many links will go to pages with a selection of choices as opposed to just a single item.

1. The hoop either make one or a hula-hoop works great too

2. String for the inner web

3. Lace trimming

4. Leather cording and lacing

5. Lots of yarn, different size, and colors or all the same it’s up to you

6. Feathers

7. Beads

8. Bead Threader

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