DIY Shadow Box Makeup Storage and Vanity

I’ve always admired those people who are able to organize anything and everything flawlessly as if it’s second nature for them, like breathing. I, unfortunately, am not even close to one of those people I have to try very hard to be organized and I find some of the hardest things for me to get and stay organized with is smaller things like my makeup and cosmetics.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had the worst time getting and keeping my makeup storage organized. I tried almost every kind of makeup storage that you could think of anything from Ikea to the Dollar Store, caboodle type storage boxes almost worked for me, still it wasn’t quite enough space for all my cosmetics so I’d have to always use more than one, makeup would end up getting all over and making a mess and it was hard to kind of see some stuff in there at times. I’ve come to learn I’m the type that has to have it in the open on shelves, hanging or see-through draws or boxes so I always know and remember what I have.

Makeup Storage Placement

Since I really do not have very much bathroom storage space and due to the fact, my has bedrooms awesome natural lighting I prefer to do my makeup in my room. Again wanting to save on space and not having a mess of makeup out everywhere, I designed a cool little wall makeup organizer storage that actually creates a little vanity using a shadow box and the makeup being held by a magnetic board behind it so it actually hides everything when it’s latched up in place.

Checklist of materials that you will need:

[ ]Deep set shadow box, the one I used I got from Michael’s arts and crafts. It measured 18-inch high x 12 wide x 3.5 inches deep
[ ]Items to decorate the display panel
[ ]Door hinges small ones
[ ] A small door latch
[ ]Wall screws
[ ]Craft paint and brushes
[ ]Plastic bottles/cups, paperboard, chipboard, cardboard
[ ]Magnetic wall boards
[ ]Magnets fairly strong ones
[ ]Extendable mirror if you like
[ ]Rope twine or chain to act as braces

Step by step video tutorial

Explaining exactly how you can make one of these makeup organizers yourself.

Room Decor and Organization | DIY Hidden Makeup Organizer

Hey, All. I’ve got an awesome makeup organizer to show in this step by step video tutorial. A creative organizing idea is a two-for-one it starts off as a shadow box that you decorate as a collage in any type of theme or however you want and by unlatching a small latch on the top, the display box folds down to a tabletop. Revealing behind it a hidden makeup storage vanity, with magnetic boards, a mirror and magnetic holders for your makeup and brushes. It’s so convenient and no mess of displayed makeup since everything is hidden behind what appears to be just a decoration. Great room decor and organization for any size room or bathroom, but especially great for small spaces. If you’re looking for some fun creative crafty ways to store your makeup, then you’ve got to try this. Hope you all find this very useful! Be sure to give a big thumbs up and light up that like button if you like this video and #diyprojects so that I know to bring more your way. Thanks, and enjoy! Xoxo

I hope you all find this useful and also if you have any good storage ideas or concepts you come up with share with us in the comments. Thanks

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