What would you say if I told you that you could make extra money for saving energy and will be helping fight climate change at the same time?  You may be thinking that is not how I make extra money, that I’m a bit crazy and living in my own fantasy world. But I’m not—and neither is OhmConnect.

What’s OhmConnect?

It is a free service that rewards you for saving energy when it matters most to the grid and the environment. It’s all about helping you lower your electric bill, save energy,  make money, and help combat climate change all at the same time — and it’s completely free.  If you’re skeptical, that’s okay. Just keep reading.

Here’s How I Make Extra Money.

Since I started, I’ve been getting paid to use less energy. That means I’m making money AND I’m saving money on my utility bill each month because my energy use is going down. That’s a win-win in my book.

Depending on how big your house or apartment is, and how well you can cut the cords so to speak for your Ohm events, you could potentially make/save $100-300 a year just by using the service and participating in the energy saving events.

What The Watts?

The reward currency at OhmConnect is called “Watts”.  When you get a notification for an OhmHour or AutoOhm event, you earn Watts by participating and saving energy in your home.  With me so far? Great!

Getting And Earning Your Watts?

You earn Watts by simply flipping off a switch or pulling a plug during energy-saving events, or even easier by using home automation with smart devices! This is my go-to for how I make extra money so that I don’t have to worry about remembering to manually unplug or turn off things.  

It’s also handy for turning things off and on remotely via a phone app for times when say your household has left for a trip and your son thinks he forgot to turn off the fan in his room, like my son did.    

Once you’ve connected your utility account to your Ohm Connect account, you’ll receive notifications of upcoming energy-saving events called OhmHours and AutoOhms, which can range from 15 minutes long to an hour, though sometimes longer, usually during the summer.  If you can use less power than you’re expected to during that time, you earn Watts! 

Earn More With A Smart Device

You’ll also earn Device Watts for every 15 minutes of energy savings—and you can earn more Device Watts for each smart device you have connected. A smart device is not required to participate, but it does help to earn more and in my experience having the ease of automation is much less stress.

Ready To Cash In.

Now that you have earned Watts burning to be used you can either spend, convert or you can also donate Watts you’ve earned to a charitable cause. 

The choice is yours!  Spend those Watts on products offered in the Marketplace, or the chance to win one of the weekly prizes, donate some, or simply withdraw it as cold hard cash via PayPal—usually what I do. 

What Are Status Levels About?

Every OhmConnect user has a Status Level of either Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond. Your Status is determined by the average percentage of total event savings you were able to achieve in the previous five days. A higher Status, means you will be able to obtain a better value in the Rewards Marketplace.

Ready to Earn Extra Money To Save Energy and The Planet?

It’s easy to get started: First get signed up for your own OhmConnect profile or account  and most importantly make sure to connect your utility service account to your Ohm Connect.  It’s safe and secure and best of all no contracts and no fees to participate. 

Wait, There’s More Good News.

Now that I’ve shared how I make extra money, so can you by using the button below or any highlighted link in the post to, get signed up, making sure to connect your utility account and becoming an active customer by the end of July 2021, you’ll get a free thermostat or $25 + 2x smart plugs!  No matter when you sign up, the program is always free.

After you have fully completed the sign-up process, a smart plug will be sent to you in 4 to 5 business days.

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