What in the World is Holographic Hair?

When you think of holographic, what comes to your mind? Hair is probably the last thing you may think of, but hold on this video tutorial proves that almost anything that you imagine will be true. Sounds like magic? Well, it looks like magic, too. The truth is, this shade is nothing less but a mixture of illuminating,  polychromatic, prismic rainbow hues that look like those yummy colors from your highlighter palette.

So if you don’t want to wait for a color appointment or are just the type who prefers to DIY everything, and wants to know how to do some magical hologram hair that really stands out and that looks like a pro did it.  Then you’re in luck since I’ve prepared a step-by-step video and written tutorial, showing you how to achieve holographic hair color like I did.

The Secret to This Magical Look – Displacement

So basically you’re coloring the hair while it is pulled the opposite direction from where it naturally falls or lays. This way when it goes back to its normal or natural placement the color applied is now “displaced” but in an abstract uniform way resembling holographic or prismic colors. 

Holographic Hair Supplies

What You Will Need:

Hair Colors: Below is a list of the colors I used however you can choose any colors you want. (TIP! Bold colors seem to work and stay best)

Other Items:

Holographic Hair Tutorial Steps:

How To Prepare Hair:

  1. First for vibrant even results, the color should be applied to a light base, which for most folks will likely require bleaching or lightening the hair. Since I had a good 1/4” of regrowth, this was my scenario and starting point. Though I did not put this part in the video tutorial, I had to lighten my regrowth as well as touch up the rest of my hair.  
  2. To lighten the regrowth, I used L’Oréal Quick Blue with a 30 volume developer.  For the rest of my mids and ends I used a 20 volume developer also with the L’Oréal Quick Blue lightening powder.
  3. As soon as I finished the regrowth, I immediately applied the second formula with the 20 volume to the rest of my hair.
  4. Once both mixtures were applied I let it process for about 35 minutes.  Checking often to see when it lightened to the desired level.
  5. Next I rinsed my hair completely. Then shampoo, but I did not and DO NOT use conditioner if you are going to be applying the holographic hair color immediately after lightening hair.
  6. Using a hair dryer, dry completely.  Now ready for some magic!
Holographic Hair Color

How To Do Holographic Hair Color

  1. Section & Clip Hair

    Section the hair into multiple sections, with one long main section on top spanning from temple to temple over the top of the head to the back (a Mohawk section) this is the main section used for the holographic technique.

  2. Prep & Mix Colors

    Prepare and mix any of the Colors needing mixing.  Place each color to be used in separate bowls with dedicated brushes or applicators for each color.

  3. Unclip Top Mohawk

    Leave all the sections except the top Mohawk section tied or clipped down. 

  4. Apply Holographic Hair Color

    Using a balayage board and hair foils or something similar start applying the holographic colors to the top section.  By bringing small thin subsection layers of hair one at a time all the way to the front (covering the face) and then applying the colors in horizontal stripes on the piece that is pulled forward.  

  5. Continue Layering Color

    Continue layering and coloring small portions over what you just finished and applying the colors to the new layer of hair directly on top of or in line with the same color that is underneath till the top section is finished.  It’s quite tedious and patience testing, but the results are worth it! (NOTE: I foiled about three sections of my top section so to help maintain color separation, but I did not foil every layer pulled forward) 

  6. Color Remaining Hair

    Once the top section is complete, begin to apply a single base color to the rest of the hair, if using a single base color for the remaining hair.

  7. Let Color Process

    When application of all colors is complete, leave the color on for 45 minutes. Then rinse

  8. Rinse

    Rinse with cool water no warmer than lukewarm water.  Also start with the bottom single color sections first, then the top section with the holographic colors.

  9. Dry & Style

    Dry, style and admire your masterpiece!

Holographic Hair

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