Kim Kardashian in Vintage Gucci Thongs

While the days are swiftly rolling into the Fall, also known as “shopping season”, I think I understand exactly what comes to mind: A perfect designer vintage thong!

No? You say?

Oh, that’s too bad, due to the fact that throwback vintage designer logo thongs from the about the early to late ’90s are having a heat wave right now. Simply ask trailblazer of trendy Kim Kardashian, who via an Instagram post promoting her seemingly crafted the shot to draw attention to the Gucci vintage G-string, fashionably visible outside of her bottoms waistline. Can we say ’90s throwback love!

Kim Kardashian West Instagram

Now, no lie, but Kim K’s thong was classic vintage– seriously older than Kylie Jenner! What I really am curious to know is exactly how does one get spandex to hold up that well after so many years? Also, is wearing secondhand designer thongs safe hygienically? And then where does one procure their own vintage designer logo undergarment?

According to some of Hollywood’s leading vintage boutiques —Their trusted, second hand, quality deluxe wares have been whisked up by the sorts of Kim Kardashian (who also tried on and bought a vintage Versace latex piece while at one store quite recently) in addition to sisters Kendall and Kylie, Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz and numerous other awesome and (most likely) hygienic individuals.

One vintage boutique stylist clarified that “The thong looks identical to the infamous vintage Gucci Spring/Summer 97 swimsuit collection.” Alright so turns out it’s actually a bikini, not lingerie. Noted. Carrying on.

With this info, we could presume that the garment was most likely not bought, put on, thence wore and consigned to a vintage store like so many other garments typically would be.


The instead most likely scenario is the piece passed from the fashion house to a third party seller, like a luxury secondhand vintage reseller that then supplied or sold it to Kardashian– or perhaps straight from Gucci to Kim Kardashian herself. Given her stellar style sector connections. No doubt if she just called up Gucci and asked for the sexiest throwback piece in the archives vault.

Yet if the item had actually been a G-string or thong– wouldn’t advising customers against purchasing such a pre-used garment be best? “Every precaution and safety measure is taken to ensure that all items offered are in the finest condition and are meticulous when sourcing any pieces, especially intimates and swimsuits,” explained another vintage reseller.

” Nothing in vintage high-end fashions is off limits if you obtain it from a trusted resource.”

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