Christmas is coming!

We are totally here for you with some easy last-minute diy gifts ideas, like these pretty natural room sprays.

Quotable shirts are super fun. You could add a quote from their fav show or movie, or keep it simple.

A cherry pie potholder is just as sweet as the real thing.

Marble clay dishes make the perfect catchall or jewelry holder.

Personalized gifts like this cute photo candle holder are the best!

Make a batch of homemade apple butter (yum!) and put it in some pretty glass jars. Add some red ribbon, and you’re all set.

Save money and a trip to the department store by making your own solid perfume. Love how Katie put hers in old lockets!

Who doesn’t like the gift of handmade jewelry? Make art teacher necklace is so simple to make, too.

Create a modern bottle opener is way cooler than what you can buy at the store.

Make someone feel extra special with some homemade soap. This grapefruit mint version smells amazing.

This adorable eye mask is perfect for someone who travels frequently.

Making your own bath bombs is way easier than you think. Be sure to make some extra ones for yourself. 🙂

You’ll only need plain white dishes (mugs are great too) and food safe markers to make the best gift ever. Obsessed!

This rose water face mist will make them feel like they are at a fancy spa.

Find the best photo of their fav celebrity (we won’t be mad if it’s not Dolly, but…c’mon!) and make a cute bag.

Or try one of these last-minute DIY gifts from these videos.


Happy gifting, guys! –
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