Skin problems like eczema can be hard to deal with, particularly when others attempt to cast it in an adverse light or make uncalled-for remarks. I have a skin problem,” she composed in one post concerning the continuous unfavorable comments she’s received.

The 20-year-old make-up artist from the UK named Bronya is not letting the negativity get to her. Over the last few months, she’s turned to her Instagram page to speak up about her skin condition. “‘ You resemble a zombie’ ‘Is whatever okay at home’ ‘Are you passing away’ ‘Is that contagious’ I have eczema. I have a skin condition,” she wrote in one article regarding the continuous negative remarks she’s obtained.

I have had so many rude remarks concerning my skin as well as regarding why I can’t publish make-up for a while, and also as I’ve clarified in my story. Whichever one she chooses to post, she makes it clear that her skin problem is not a problem in the way of her artistry– nor should it be stigmatized by others.

Dermatitis flare-ups cannot only make it challenging to put on makeup but can be immensely disruptive and even disabling of your normal life routine. When her flare-ups worsen, she takes the opportunity to share photos of her skin. When she’s able to use makeup, she shows her love of elegance with vibrant lid looks, which commonly highlight the area around her eyes and turn them right into halos of brilliant hues. Whichever one she selects to publish, she makes it clear that her skin disease doesn’t hinder of her creativity– neither should it be stigmatized by others.

Regardless of that, Bronya is utilizing her social influence to spread positivity as well as information by recognition concerning dermatitis around her eyes. In one viral side by side image, she showed among her many remarkable eye make-up looks, an image of a dermatitis flare-up. Writing “I am not my problem. I am Bronya. I refuse to allow you to bring me down. I have had many discourteous remarks about my skin and also concerning why I can’t upload make-up for a while, and as I have actually discussed in my story. Because I literally can not, it’s. […] This is me. I am an individual.”

The looks themselves are mesmerizing enough on their own, but when you factor in her battle with eczema often around her eyes, it makes her work and courage all the more remarkable.

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