Meditation Knot Pillow DIY Step By Step Tutorial

This DIY meditation knot pillow is a trendy, playful design but chic enough to fit any room or space in your home that serves the purpose of relaxing and recharging.  If you swear by decorating your home with some of the most stylish pieces, then you need a knot meditation cushion as that unexpected, eye-catching and functional decor piece.

Wondering what the heck is a knot floor cushion?  Well simply put it’s a great big super oversized comfy knot pillows, but seriously a lot bigger!

Follow along with this DIY step-by-step tutorial video or the written steps below, while I show you how to make a knot meditation pillow or floor pouf of your very own.

Get creative with your meditation knot pillow by selecting a few different types and patterns of fabrics, also repurposing old sheets and or curtains is a great way to upcycle and save a bit of money too.

You will need

  • 26 feet of fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • 10-pound box and a 16-ounce bag polyester fiber filling
  • Needle & thread (in matching or similar color to fabric)
  • A sheet of poster board

Step By Step Tutorial


To make cushion tubing, place your fabric on a flat surface. If the fabrics are too large to fit on your surface, fold in half lengthwise.  Measure and mark 15 inches from the side edge at both the top and bottom. Take a straight edge and draw a straight vertical line to join these two points. Now cut the marked line and it’s important to be using sharp scissors, this ensures a clean straight cut.


Repeat step two until you have cut enough 15-inch strips of fabric to have a combined length of about 26 feet or 8.5 yards. (If you have folded your fabric in half, you will end up with two strips instead of one when you cut each strip.)


Join the top or short ends of the pieces of fabric and sew together using the sewing machine. Repeat until all pieces are joined, creating one complete length of fabric that measures 26 feet or close to it.


Fold fabric in half lengthways and, using a sewing machine, sew down the length about ½ inch from the edge, leaving the top and sewing bottom closed. Invert the fabric tube so that the seam is now inside the tube.

*I found using a rolled up piece of poster board as a tube and feeding the fabric through it then turning or rolling it over the outside helped a lot.


Insert the same poster board tube into the fabric and pull all the fabric up around it to the closed end.  Stuff the polyester filling into the fabric tube completely. Be sure it is stuffed evenly. Leave a few inches unstuffed at the open end, then slide the open end over the closed end and hand stitch to secure and fully close. You should now have a great big circular fabric tube.


The style of knot used is called a Chinese luck knot or a Tibetan Mala.  To fold or tie the meditation knot cushion please refer and follow the directions in the video, here is a diagram of how to tie the knot pillow as well.  


Flip the cushion over and secure the ends of the tubing like shown in the video.

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