Pokémon Sun and Moon is the freshest and most different pair of games ever in a series that’s been maligned over the years for playing it safe. Yet these games effortlessly retain the factors that have kept Pokémon popular and beloved for two decades.  Pokémon Sun and Moon take place in the new, Polynesian-style region of Alola, a place far different from any we’ve visited in past Pokémon games. Alola consists of four large islands that all have their own cities, wilds and landmarks. As you travel between them you catch Pokémon and battle Gym-leader-like captains who send you on a variety of “trials,” which prepare you for the big fight with the Kahunas who serve as each island’s ultimate challenge.

GameStop published earnings report for the quarter ended October 29. The game industry retailer witnessed a drop of 2.8 percent year-over-year in global sales, due in part to underperformance from games released in the “last few weeks of October”.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon performed best out of any other game at the retailer all year. Pre-orders for the pair were the highest for any game at the retailer in the last five years.

On the opposite end, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare underperformed. Call of Duty games traditionally have always been one of the best-selling titles each year.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch is tracking well so far, too, according to the report. 27 percent of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards members who are aware of the console, plan to buy it. This is in line with what the data Xbox One had at a similar point in time.

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