It’s no secret that high school can be a tough time for teens. Clique-y drama of trying to make and keep friends, not to mention standardized tests and SATs, can be a huge stress. And when we read so many sad stories of bullying among kids, it’s amazing to find a story of pure kindness between students.

When JR Gilbert, a sophomore at Somerset High School in Somerset, Texas, told a couple of football players that he wears size 10 shoes even though he needs a size 13, the word quickly spread.

This high school gossiping would have a happy ending, though.

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A sweet video, shared by the school district last week, shows students gifting Gilbert with not one, but two pairs of brand new Nike sneakers in the perfect size.

“We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, JR,” one student said. “It’s from all of us, everyone here.”

The “awwws” coming from the crowd of around 50 students surrounding Gilbert are just too sweet as he excitedly opens up the presents.

My favorite part of the video? At the end, Gilbert encourages everyone to come in together and yell “Family!” on three.

Cue the tears.

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The school district later updated the post to say that Gilbert’s family explained that he does have shoes that are the right size for him, “but he refuses to stop wearing the boots of his beloved grandfather, since his grandfather can no longer wear them.”

The video has been viewed over 5.7 million times, garnering over 115k likes and 90k shares. The 13k comments are incredibly encouraging of this kind act.

“Love to see these teens being kind to others rather [than] seeing them bully others,” Joanne Devine commented. “Wonderful to watch.”

“Absolutely fantastic to see young people giving to those in need … parents and teachers of these magnificent kids … pat yourself on the back … your work has paid off,” wrote Tracy Pistokache. “These kids need to be recognized.”

We couldn’t agree more.

h/t: Fox 11 Los Angeles

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